This course will answer all your questions about your newborn

At the end of the course you will understand:

  • How to soothe your newborn

  • The difference between hungry and tired

  • How to use a soother effectively

  • How to troubleshoot common breastfeeding issues

  • How to give your baby a bottle

  • The difference between active and quiet sleep

  • How to create the perfect schedule and routine for your newborn

  • What night feeds should look like for your newborn

  • How to nap your newborn

  • How to foster a beautiful attachment with your baby

About The Mama Coach

  • We are Registered Nurses

    We are a group of Registered Nurses across North America committed to making motherhood easier by using our assessment skills and empathetic approach to help you meet your parental goals.

  • We understand

    Transitioning to motherhood is the most beautiful and challenging time in a woman's life. We UNDERSTAND. There is no one right way to parent your new baby and we want to help you find your way.

  • We are a judgement free zone

    We are health professionals and are committed to providing evidence based information to you about your newborn, but you can trust we do not judge. It isn't up to us to tell you how to feed your baby, it is our job to support you with whatever you choose.

  • We have helped thousands of families

    We have had the privilege of helping thousands of families by providing prenatal education, lactation support, newborn support, sleep coaching, and CPR & Choking workshops.

Make parenthood easier with your newborn

Understand how to breastfeed, bottle feed, use a soother and build a flexible routine during the day and night with your newborn.

Bonus chapter!

You matter too, Mama. Learn about your postpartum journey.

  • Physical changes

    What can you expect physically postpartum? We talk about it all! Knowing what to expect makes it easier to plan and feel well in the postpartum period.

  • Postpartum mood

    Bringing new life into the world can be overwhelming. Learn what to expect emotionally, and when to seek more support.

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This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are pregnant and want to be prepared for life with a newborn

  • Have a new baby under 12 weeks old

  • Want to know more about initiating breastfeeding and how to overcome some of the challenges that can arise

  • Are interested in understanding the science of newborn sleep

  • Want to lay the foundation for great sleep for your newborn

The course includes:

  • Online videos you can watch again and again that explain newborn feeding, sleep and newborn basics

  • Easy to follow chapters with videos and associated PDF documents for reference

  • At the end of the course receive the entire ebook of content, downloadable and yours to keep

  • Discounts on extra Registered Nurse support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You will have access to the course for four months from time of purchase. As an added bonus, you will be able to download an eBook containing all of the written course content, to refer to whenever you would like.

  • What if I need more help?

    No problem, we would love to help you! Speak to a Registered Nurse (closest to your area) for 30 minutes for $30 USD, or purchase a 30 minute phone call and a week of emails for $80 USD. If you would like to purchase our in home newborn package (a home visit and 4 weeks of support!), we are happy to give you $50 off your package price with proof of purchase from the course!

Let us help you make the newborn period easier by building your confidence as new parents.

Confidence makes parenting easier.